Partnership Agreement signed – Indian Ocean FIP

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Indian Ocean FIP

Partnership Agreement signed for the Indian Ocean Purse Seine Tuna Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP)

The Indian Ocean Purse Seine Tuna Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) has been officially activated, with a partnership agreement signed between 17 organisations in a multi-stakeholder effort, and with the support of WWF. The FIP will work towards meeting the fisheries sustainability standard set by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

ANABAC-OPTUC is extremely proud to be part of this partnership, since it will focus in key areas such as the development of robust harvest strategies for tuna, management measures to maintain primary and secondary species above biological limits and providing a framework to manage ecosystem effects associated with purse seine fishing. Moreover, this FIP will emphasise on supporting the recovery plan of the yellowfin stock in the Indian Ocean, will work closely with the IOTC to improve fisheries governance in the region.

The plan covers catches of skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye tuna species from around 40 industrial purse seine fishing vessels owned by Spanish, French, Italian, Mauritian and Seychelles flagged companies, comprising 16 vessels managed by our association.

The Indian Ocean FIP is supported by the following partners: WWF, Republic of Seychelles, ANABAC-OPTUC, ATUNSA Inc., Beach Fishing Ltd., CFTO, Hartswater Ltd., INPESCA Fishing Ltd., Indian Ocean Ship Management Services (IOSMS), Interatun Ltd., Industria Armatoriale Tonniera, Isabella Fishing Ltd., OPAGAC, Orthongel, Princes Limited, SAPMER SA, Thai Union Europe, Thunnus Overseas Group and Tuna Fishing Company (TFC).


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