Fleet Management and the conservation of fisheries resources

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Tuna fisheries are managed by the Regional Fisheries Regulatory Organizations. Our fleet fishes in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, which are managed by ICCAT and IOTC RFO: ;

All regulatory measures adopted by these bodies are immediately incorporated into European law and therefore immediately applicable to our fleet. The fleet is subject to a strict regulatory and supervisory framework of its activity by both Spanish and European authorities, through a system of control rules set out in the Common Fisheries Policy: European legislation on conservation and control:

Also from 1 January 2010, the EU has adopted a rigid control system whereby our vessels must submit a catch certificate attesting that fishing has been conducted in accordance with the European regulations to combat illegal fishing REGULATION (EC) No 1224/2009 of 20 November 2009 establishing a Community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the common fisheries policy:

Fishing capacity management

ANABAC tuna fleet is included in the census of Spanish fishing fleet operating in the frozen tuna segment. The European and Spanish regulations (Regulation (EC) n. º 1198/2006 (FEP), Royal Decree 1549/2009) require that in order to build a new ship, the ship being built must replace one or more operating vessels that have been taken out of service. European norms provide for the consideration of the capacity in gross tonnage (GT) and machine power (kW), so given the impossibility of increasing the vessel's fishing capacity and the need to complete the stringent European safety and habitability in the construction of new ships, for each new ship built, there is a depletion in fishing capacity in relation to the ship that is being taken out of service.

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