Skipjack Tuna

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Katsuwonus pelamis

Common Name:
Skipjack Tuna

All regions in the tropical and subtropical areas of the planet.

This species is the most caught tuna in the world, with 2 million tonnes catches per year. Most of the catch comes from the western and central Pacific Ocean where 60% is caught (1.1 million tonnes). About 400,000 t are caught in the Indian Ocean (21%), more than 200,000 t in the Eastern Pacific (11%) and more than 160,000 t in the Atlantic (9%). The most common method for catching them is tuna purse-seining. It is the most important species for the tuna canning industry throughout the world, since with the exception of its traditional uses —such as Katsuobushi (dried Japanese fish) or the significant catches made by local pole and line fleets destined to be consumed fresh or salted— almost 80% of world production is used for canning.

The largest skipjack tuna caught was recorded at 108 cm in length and weighed 34.5 kg, while the largest ones are typically between 75 and 80 cm long and weigh between 10 and 23 kg.

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