Yellowfin Tuna

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Thunnus albacares

Common Name:
Yellowfin tuna

It is the most tropical tuna because of its preference for warm waters.
Younger individuals often form large schools close to the sea surface where they mix with other species of tuna. Adults prefer the depths although they can be also seen on the surface.

There are major yellowfin tuna fisheries in all tropical and subtropical seas on the planet. The most significant catches are recorded on the coast of Indonesia and northern Australia (Area 71 of the FAO), in the Indian Ocean (Area 51) and on the Pacific coast of Central and North America (Area 77). The total volumes of fish landed have been steadily increasing from 1970 to 1990, when they exceeded 1,000,000 tonnes. In recent years, catches have stabilised at around this amount. The countries with the largest catches of yellowfin tuna are Indonesia and Mexico.

The largest yellowfin tuna ever caught measured 176 cm and weighed 208 kg. It was caught near the Mexican coast in 1977. When they measure between 70 and 100 cm they reach maturity, with an approximate age of 12-15 months.

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