Seychelles Minister Visits the Basque Country

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Peter Sinon, visited the Basque Country during the blessing of a new tuna boat, the Izaro


The Minister of Natural Resources of Seychelles, Peter Sinon, visited the Basque Country during the blessing of a new tuna boat, the Izaro, assigned to the association ANABAC (ECHEBASTAR group). The tuna vessel Izaro has several peculiarities in the areas of innovation, tuna conservation, social responsibility and fishing sustainability. The blessing was attended by the Minister of Natural Resources of the Seychelles and other authorities at European level, the Spanish state and the Basque Government.

The Seychelles' Fisheries Minister stressed the commitment and professionalism of the Basque tuna fleet in the Indian Ocean with a long presence in the area since the 1980s, and emphasized the effort and responsibility of European ship-owners in FISHING SUSTAINABILITY, COMPLIANCE OF FISHING MANAGEMENT REGULATIONS AS WELL AS LONG-TERM CONSERVATION OF TUNA, the latter being a matter of the utmost commitment for European ship-owners operating in the Indian Ocean.

Peter Sinon, Minister of Natural Resources of Seychelles, also emphasized the commitment of the owners with the economies and populations of the Indian Ocean, despite the difficult situations they suffer (piracy). Fishing Vessel Izaro will be the first tuna boat carrying from origin the Seychelles flag. An interview with the Minister of Natural Resources of the Seychelles while on-board IZARO ship can be found in the link attached: Video.

As part of this visit ANABAC's Board held a work meeting with Minister Peter Sinon where various issues of the relationship between the freezer tuna fleet and the Seychelles were reviewed. In that meeting it was highlighted the good tone dominating the relations among the Seychelles, the European Union and the Basque tune fishing fleet, as subject and user of the EU's Fisheries Agreements. Here the Minister remarked the responsible and strict control of the freezer tuna boats operating under these fisheries agreements, being regularly monitored by the Spanish State, the EU and the riparian countries themselves.

ANABAC's Board meanwhile requested improvements in the access of tuna vessels to ports in that country, showing Minister Peter Sinon a great welcome to these claims of the tuna sector. It was agreed to continue this type of meetings either in the Seychelles or in future visits of the Minister of Natural Resources of Seychelles to the Basque Country.

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