The ANABAC fleet implements a system based on HACCP

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HACCP System

With a view to improving their food safety system, 19 tuna freezer vessels which belong to the National Association of Tuna Freezer Shipowners (ANABAC) have implemented and improved the food safety system based on the principles of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

The implementation of this system, together with the application of good hygiene practices, point to the same sources. Not only are these nineteen ships "at the forefront of the European fleet with the development of its own food safety system" but also "they ensure the highest level of consumer protection with regard to food safety".

This is an HACCP system which is "generic, flexible, practical and adapted to the specificities of the sector, with a scientific approach that responds to the food safety requirements demanded by the EU health and hygiene legislation"; a system, they report, which has been developed with the support of the Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Basque Government and the collaboration of Azti-Tecnalia, as explained by Cepesca.

With the aim of training the crews of the ships owned by the companies Atuneros Congeladores y Transportes Frigoríficos, S.A., Atuneros Vascos, S.A., Compañía Internacional de Pesca y Derivados, S.A., Echebastar Fleet, S.L.U. and Pesqueria Vasco Motañesa, S.A. —all of which are associated to ANABAC— training sessions have been provided in the final phase of implementing the system. In order to carry out this training and be able to train new crew members, a CD-ROM was created with the different aspects and contents to be taken into account to properly manage the HACCP system in a visual and educational manner, as well as the basic rules of hygiene.

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